Code of Ethics Workshop : 20th May 2017

Date: 20th May 2017

Venue : ECCE Council Office

The purpose of the Workshop was to draw up a draft of the code of ethics for early childhood educators based on the zero draft prepared by the Code of Ethics Committee. The participants reflected diversity in terms of ethnicity, type of organizations and location.

Of the 21 people who had been invited, nineteen participants attended the workshop. They represented four groups who would need to use the Code of Ethics as guidelines for their professional practice, namely

  • Group 1:Preschool Teachers
  • Group 2:Childcare Providers
  • Group 3:Employers, Operators, Supervisors/Principals
  • Group 4:Lecturers/Trainers

The workshop was facilitated by Datuk Dr Chiam Heng Keng, Dr Irene Leow and Datin Wong Poai Hong. Items in each category were actively discussed and debated.It was decided that the modified draft of the code of ethics would be sent to a number of selected child care centres and preschools for their senior staff to go through and check for understanding.