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ECCE Council


The ECCE Council was set up under the Economic Transformation Programme to
professionalize and assure quality control of the ECCE industry. As a body for professional early
childhood educators, the members of the ECCE Council have to attain a certain level of academic
and professional qualifications.

There are basically two categories of early childhood educators:
(i) lecturers/trainers in ECCE.
(ii) early child childhood practitioners who include childcare providers and preschool teachers

The academic qualifications of these two categories of early childhood educators therefore
differ. At this initial stage of professionalizing the industry, the minimum academic qualification
of early childhood practitioners is Diploma in Early Childhood Education (90-credit programme
as accredited by MQA) or its equivalent. For ECCE lecturers/trainers, the minimum academic
qualification is a basic degree in one of the subjects in the ECCE professional programmes and
three (3) years of working experience in an ECCE training institute.

In brief, to qualify
i) ECCE Lecturer/Trainer
a) Bachelor degree in a field related to diploma/degree in early childhood education and
b) At least 3 years of working experience in a ECCE training institute;

ii) ECC Practitioners
a) At least Diploma in ECCE, or its equivalent, that is accredited by MQA, or other relevant
b) Recognizing that the number of ECE practitioners with Diploma in ECCE is small at the
moment, in the interim period, the number of working experience as a childcare provider or
preschool teacher will be considered in lieu of the diploma in ECCE. Years of experience as
childcare provider and/or preschool teacher in lieu of diploma in ECCE are indicated as

no credit in SPM                                        7 years

1 credit in SPM                                          4 years

2 credits in SPM                                        3 years

3 or more credits in SPM                          2 years


Entrance fee: RM50

Annual fee: RM100



To be a fellow, the member will have attained national and international recognition as a
noteworthy early childhood educator. To qualify as a Fellow of the Council, the person is:

a) A recognized authority in a field in ECCE with publications in reviewed journals;
b) An expert in a field in ECCE with publications in reviewed journals; or
c) Had made pioneering contribution in ECCE.


Entrance fee: RM50

Annual fee: RM100



a)  Members of each individual is eligible to be a member of the student if he was a student in the Diploma in early childhood Education/Prasekolah or Bachelor’s degree in early childhood Education/Prasekolah or Bachelor of education (early childhood Education) or equivalent.

b) Duration time for study is not more than three (3) years for students program levels of Diploma and four (4) years for Bachelors degree level

c) Approved in advance in writing by the Vice-Chancellor/President/Rector of the University/College


Student : RM50