ECCE Council

Logo Definition

                       Our Logo Definition


The LOGO comprises a red heart with two (2) lines of decreasing thickness inside it. The innermost line is gold while the other is blue. The words, “ecce council” in red are on the right side of the heart and the tagline, “Quality Care, Growth & Development”, which is also in red, is next to it.

Meaning: The two halves of the heart depict children (as represented by two of them in the logo).
The heart signifies that children are to be nurtured with the best possible care to enable them to grow and develop. The lines represent growth as depicted by the increasing thickness and increasing completeness of the form of the lines.

The colours of the logo: Red depicts warmth and love. Blue denotes serenity; implying that children are to be nurtured in an environment that does not generate stress which leads to toxicity in the child’s brains. Gold signifies the child’s precious potential. White denotes the child’s innocence.